While attending Brigham Young Univeristy to complete her BFA in painting  Aimee Bonham got her first taste of street painting.  At that time, 15 years ago, Aimee Bonham's  sister-in-law and established street painter, Julie Kirk Purcell, invited her to assist in a street painting.  It was love at first try!  Since that time she does a few street paintings a year intermingled with her abstract gallery work.  


She is has done street paintings in Utah, California, Arizona, Kentucky, Washington and Thailand.  She has worked for We Talk Chalk and is currently one of the featured artists at "Chalk the Block" a street painting festival in Provo, UT. 


She founded the Kayenta Street Painting Festival , the first Southern Utah street painting festival in 2011 under the direction of the Kayenta Arts Foundation


In the last few years she has learned to create  anamorphic / 3D street paintings thanks to a few amazing artists. This new artform is a fun way to allow audience interaction and participation. 

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